hCG Monotherapy

hCG Monotherapy


  • 1 Vial of 5000 IU Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)
  • 1 Vial Bacteriostatic Water
  • 1 3ml Syringe for mixing
  • 20 Alcohol Prep Pads
  • 20 insulin syringes

Kit cost of $79 (shipping included)


Instructions will vary depending on prescription. Adjust accordingly.

Remove plastic caps from hcG vial and water vial. Discard.  Using 3mL syringe remove 3ml of water from vial and then discard 1mL in drain. 2ml will be remaining in syringe. Slowly inject 2mL of water in syringe. HCG will dissolve almost instantly. Remove Syringe. Clean injection area and HCG rubber top again will alcohol wipe. To inject 250 IUs (the maximum recommended dose) remove only .10 ml from vial. (yes that is point 10)

Inject subcutaneously.

hCG MUST be refrigerated continuously. Once mixed and refrigerated it will last 8 weeks.

Typical hCG Monotherapy Protocol.

  • Day 1-7  Inject 250 IUs daily
  • Day 8-14 inject 250 IUs every other day (EOD)
  • Day 15- inject 250 IUs every 3rd day (E3D) or 3x per week.

Injections 1st month are approximate 17-20

Every month thereafter 12



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